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Alicia Keys’ Makeup Artist Reveals Alicia’s ‘No Makeup’ Look Involves SOME Makeup


Alicia Keys has been rocking a fresh-faced, ‘no makeup’ look in recent months — at show appearances, on ‘The Voice,’ while walking red carpets…etc.

While Alicia looks great with or without a beat face, her makeup artist recently revealed that there IS a little bit of makeup that contributes to her look.

via Page Six:

Regardless of her new reputation, Keys’ makeup artist, Dotti, who also works with Emma Watson and Maggie Gyllenhaal, recently told W Magazine that the singer wears some makeup while “performing or ‘Voice’ judging.” This can include filling in the Keys’ brows, enhancing her freckles or giving her cheeks a warm glow with a self-tanner.

While this might sound like cheating to some, the makeup artist was quick to note, “Compared to the world of makeup, there is minimal. She’s already powerful to look at.”