AKA Shades South African Rappers: ‘There’s A Thin Line Between Trap And Crap!’


AKA basks in controversy and now the South African rapper is sparking yet another social media feud, this time targeting his country’s trap rappers like Emtee.

The new drama started yesterday when the ‘Baddest’ rapper, for unknown reasons, took to Twitter to sub his contemporaries who make trap rap.

As a South African with global aspirations, making trap music doesn’t make sense to me,” AKA tweeted, adding, “A South African will never out-Travis TRAVIS. You will never out-Future FUTURE. Forget about it. There’s a thin line in this country between trap/crap.”

Only days ago, South Africa’s top trap rapper Emtee was nominated by MAMA 2016 for Best Hip Hop, a prestigious list AKA didn’t make. While many fans are voting for the young act, AKA chose to throw a sub.

Who are you subbing,” one fan asked him, and another drove the sub home by tagging Emtee to AKA’s tweets.

However, many South Africans don’t agree with AKA.

Not everything has and will make sense to you just like the rest of us…Remember That,” one fan said, and another slammed him with “With in your lane!”

Seeing he has overstepped, the boyfriend of Bonang Matheba attempted to save face.

If you take offense to the previous tweets. It just means you are making the shoe fit. If you my homie, you’re my homie, Twitter ain’t shit,” he said.

See his tweets:

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