Afrocandy Strips N.aked For Racy IG Selfies


Nigerian adult content star, Afrocandy is making the headlines again, and all for the wrong reasons.

Hours ago, the 44-year-old adult content star whose real name is Chichi Opara Mazagwu, took to Instagram to post very racy selfies which violate the community rules. And it wasn’t long before fans began to drag her for filth.

From folks who queried the rationale behind the photos, to proselytising fans who want her to ‘repent’, her page was a mess of reactions. Unable to face the heat, the pornstar deleted the post.

See the photos:


Afrocandy rose to fame after starring in self-produced adult movies. Over the years, the US-based actress took her wares to Instagram where she frequently shares explicit photos, earning a notoriety very similar to Maheeda’s. However, unlike Maheeda who thrives as a nudist with a strong business sense, Afrocandy does her affairs mostly for fun.

Like Maheeda, Afrocandy claims that her online activities do not affect her personal life.

“I have children, I have two daughters,” the porn star said in her June post, insisting that she has been successful in separating virtual life from reality.

And this puts her in the line of fire each time, like yesterday.

Well, she has deleted the latest photos and we wonder how long it will take before the next racy selfie goes up.

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