6 Things Most Nigerians Do On Independence Celebration Day


The 1st of October is much more that flags and partying, it’s about Nigeria severing ties with the British and declaring independence. No doubt the day is special for every Nigerian, be it a child or an octogenarian. It is the day of patriotism and one cannot help but be nostalgic of this very day every year.

Most Nigerians even celebrate Independence Day for a span of around four to five days as they engage in several cultural activities and community gatherings to make it memorable. This year with the holiday falling on a Saturday, the government has declared the Monday a public holiday, making the weekend even longer.

Wondering what Nigerians will be doing with all the time? Here are six things most Nigerians do to celebrate Independence Day!

Hang Nigerian Flags Everywhere
Have you ever noticed how a few days to October 1st, you find hawkers selling Nigerian flags as well as other items with green, white and green all around town, especially in Abuja? From the tiny fluttering flags flanking both sides of an automobile or Keke to the huge ones billowing in the wind atop large buildings, you see Nigerian flags hoisted and flapping everywhere, even in places you won’t expect to see them at. Basically, when it comes to hanging the Nigerian flag on Independence Day, Nigerians tend to go a little overboard.

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