‘You Can Be Old And Not Sensible’ –9ice Lambastes Koffi


‘You Can Be Old And Not Sensible’ –9ice Lambastes Koffi

About two weeks ago, Nigerian comedian, Koffi Ayinde Idowu Nuel, popularly referred to by his stage name, “Koffi” lambasted G-Worldwide entertainment act, Kiss Daniel in an open letter.

In the open letter, Koffi, advising the ‘Woju’ crooner against sycophants who are deceiving him that he churns out good songs, said Kiss Daniel is an advanced ‘photocopy’ version of 9ice who’s not learning from 9ice’s mistakes.

“Here you are an advanced ‘Photocopy’ version of 9ice and you ain’t picking points from what happened to your original progenitor despite his huge success(only Naija nigga to play at Mandela’s birthday),” Koffi wrote in his open letter.

9ice, who spoke mainly in his indigenous language –Yoruba, commenting on Koffi’s open letter and how he was insulted in the piece, he responded that; the fact that Kofffi is old doesn’t make him a sensible person while speaking in a recent interview with GoldMyneTV.

9ice elaborated in Yoruba proverb that Koffi is not sensible despite his old age. “You can be 40 and still not mature, it’s just simple,” he said.

Koffi is a 39-year-old Nigerian entertainer who has bagged multiple awards as a comedian.

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