The Weeknd Cuts His Hair + Reveals ‘Starboy’ Album Cover



The Weeknd has FINALLY cut his hair.

The singer, born Abel Tesfaye, dropped his latest album cover on Instagram, after deleting the rest of the photos on his feed. The “Starboy” cover, shot by Nabil Elderkin, features the Grammy-winner with a game-changing short haircut, a dramatic transformation from his signature dreadlocks. (It’s the equivalent of Ariana Grande cutting off her signature ponytail and getting a pixie.)

“I come alive in the fall time,” the Canadian star said, unveiling his brand new album, ‘Starboy’. And the combination of this sent social media on a meltdown.

The post has garnered over 70,000 likes and over 60,000 retweets, and fans who had fallen in love with his sculpture-like dreadlocks are unable to wrap their minds around this rebranded pop star.

The outrage brings to mind when Toronto rapper Drake shaved his beard and broke the damn internet; to many of his fans, his remarkable feature, including hair, make up the brand they had fallen in love with. And so, for any artiste to change a certain identity marker is like pulling the rug from under their fans’ feet.

Hence, the outrage over The Weeknd’s new look.

Check out the new face of the singer:

And here’s what folks think:

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