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The Game Drags Nicki Minaj Into Bitter Feud With Meek Mill



Nothing is more disgusting than when a man drags a woman just to diss his male rival, and that’s what The Game has done.

Yesterday, the Compton rapper dropped a diss track where he claimed that Meek Mill ‘snitched on him’ over the alleged robbery of singer Sean Kingston’s $300,000 chain.

Not longer after the song went viral, Meek Mill clapped back at his rival, resulting in a war of words between them.

The duo entertained social media with the fastest fingers kind of feud, but it turned ugly when The Game, to score a cheap point, decided to drag his rival’s girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, into the feud.

“The last time Nicki held a REAL NIGGA,” the rapper captioned a photo of himself and Nicki Minaj (taken from their music video).

“Everybody know you the wife nigga,” The Game continued, adding, “If she take her followers back, you gone be back at 100k! #Snitch #RatsWilLDoAnythingForCheese #WeakMeal.”