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Tekno Defends Nigeria on Swedish Radio: ‘I Can’t Speak Bad of My Country’



Last week, Tekno started a conversation on social media when he spoke on abusive relationships, and now, he has gone on a Swedish radio station to speak of Nigeria’s image abroad.

I can’t say much because it’s good when you are out there, you speak good of your country. I love my country so much. I have been here for six weeks and I can’t wait to go back,” he said

For the regular people, if you put in a lot of work, everything will be fine,” he continued, but admitted that the exchange rate is plummeting, adding that life is ‘fine’ for those who work harder.

I can’t say anything bad of my country,” he went on to say.

And on the bad image Nigeria has abroad, he said it should be changed.

What they see mostly is the things that are not going well,” he said. “Our music is still really good. Our Nollywood is good. There [are] a lot of African footballers playing in the Italian leagues, German league, Premier league.”

The positivity with Nigeria is way bigger than the negativity(sic),” he said.