Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Friends Again



Popular female singer, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are no longer at war. The duo are now back together as friends.

A close source opened up to TMZ on the current status of the stars.

According to TMZ,

“Shortly after Taylor and Tom Hiddleston broke up, Taylor and Calvin started texting and put an end to their drama.

It’s unclear who hit send first, but here’s what we do know — we’re told this is NOT a rekindling of the old fire. Also, they have NOT spoken on the phone or seen each other in person. It’s strictly text, but it’s been enough to erase the resentment that exploded after the June breakup … and that mess about who wrote “This Is What You Came For.”

There’s been buzz Calvin’s new single, “My Way,” is about getting over Taylor, but that had nothing to do with their decision to bury the hatchet. Besides, we’re told it’s really inspired by his old job at a grocery store.

Nothing romantic … which is exactly how both sides describe the renewed friendship. “

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