Sean Kingston Files An Order Of Protection Against The Game



This Meek Mill and The Game beef has been dominating the headlines for the last couple of weeks, and at the center of this whole crazy situation is Sean Kingston, who has apparently filed an order of protection against the Compton rapper.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, the whole situation stems from an incident back in June where Kingston was relieved of his jewelry in an L.A. nightclub.  According to Game, Kingston and Meek (who was at the club that night) told police Game’s people are the ones who ran Kingston’s jewels. And now Game wants to run Meek’s fade.

Kingston has chimed in on the situation, first saying he wants peace, then totally going in on Game with a profanity laden knockoff Ox from Belly rant. The tough talk seems all for show as Game’s manager Wack 100 has revealed that Kingston recently filed for an order of protection against the “92 Bars” rapper.

Posting a picture of the order on his Instagram page, he caption the post,


“This clown Sean Kingston tells the world he’s a gangster on his little IG videos then darts to the police to file an order of protection on [The Game]. Yell Meek Mill like we said snitching. Any nigga associated or tied to this action is responsible for this action period.”

This isn’t a good look for the singer who was talking like Tony Montana last week. This whole beef triangle keeps getting stranger and stranger.

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