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‘Presido, This Your War On Corruption, Is Somehow O’ -Charly Boy To Buhari


'Presido, This Your War On Corruption, Is Somehow O' -Charly Boy To Buhari
Need I say that corruption is not only about stealing funds, it is also about putting bad people in prime positions who have neither the passion nor the qualification to do the bloody job. This form of corruption is crippling Nigeria, meeeen!!!

As I scan through your ministries and key positions, I wonder how come it is full of village friends with the qualification to the post is just to be a clan member.

When leaders, out of fear, realize that their lack of capacity could have consequential effects, they resort to nepotism to protect self.

It should be a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead, especially if you don’t know who and who is just washing you. Na so.