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Nicki Minaj Goes On A Girlfriend Hunt For Younger Brother On Twitter And Ladies Go Crazy



Young money female rapper, Nicki Minaj has decided to play matchmaker for her 18-year-old brother and the internet is going crazy with applications from different girls!

Nicki took to her Twitter page to announce that she is on the hunt for a new girlfriend for her younger brother Micaiah. Taking the role of a caring big sister seriously (perhaps too seriously?), Nicki asked her fans and followers to send in their applications and then clarified on the kind of girl she was looking for.

“The right girl is: pleasant, understanding, intelligent, ambitious…” she tweeted.


Soon enough different girls, including some who were already in relationships, began to respond, to fill in the position of girlfriend. Nicki, on the other hand, wasn’t playing as she began to conduct interviews with some of the girls. LOL!

See some ‘applications’ below.





Nicki has never failed to show how much she loves her younger brother. In 2014, she threw him a glamourous 16th birthday party fit for a King and now she is taking grand measures to ensure she finds a good girl for him.

See her final tweet on the whole matter.


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