Mikel Obi and Partner Olga Celebrate as Twin Daughters Turn One



Mikel Obi and Olga’s twin daughters, Ava and Mia have turned one.

Yesterday, the proud parents took to social media to celebrate the girls’ birthday, and it reminded folks of how quickly time flies.

Happy birthday to angels,” the footballer wrote, and Olga added, “Happy birthday my peanuts and thank you for the best after party I’ve ever been to.

The couple took social media by storm last September when the Russian business woman revealed that they welcomed twin daughters. This raised questions and doubts from fans, especially because she made the pregnancy experience private. To assuage fears and doubts, Olga shared her baby bump photos.

However, many times, the couple have been attacked on social media, and this is because Mikel Obi never speaks of the other two children he fathered with two women.

Last August, Mirror UK revealed the Chelsea midfielder’s children; a 4-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl. From the reports, Mikel agreed to pay the two mothers of his children a juicy welfare, and he bought a £500,000 house for the mother of his son.

However, Obi continues to play his best role as the dad to the children he wants the world to meet, and their bond is absolutely beautiful.

Check out their family photos from yesterday’s intimate celebration:



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