Masturbate In Front Of The Mirror.. Im The Queen Of That – Amber Rose



Amber Rose’s Loveline podcast isn’t even three episodes old yet, but it’s already become a necessary listen. Don’t usually fuck with podcasts? Maybe considering fucking with this one.

Last week saw Rose opening up about her “fucking horrible” first threesome experience, a candid story that was quickly met with some Wiz Khalifa commentary. This week? Rose recommended a particularly empowering method of masturbation, then chopped it up with Blac Chyna about other sex-related things.

“Masturbate in front of the mirror,” Rose told her listeners alongside special guest Chyna and regular co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue. “I’m the queen of that. I highly suggest it by the way. Just go home and masturbate in the mirror. It’s fucking amazing. You should try it.” Chyna noted that she’s down with the sex toy life, but Rob Kardashian? Apparently not so much. “I got to sneak it sometimes,” Chyna said. “I wait until he leaves.”

Rose and Chyna also discussed their own personal porn preferences, referencing Pamela Anderson’s recent op-ed that called for an end to casual porn enjoyment. Rose said she was “appalled” by Anderson’s comments, having previously looked up to the actress and model as someone with more “liberal” ideas.
Loveline was brought back to life as a podcast last week, with Rose telling Entertainment Tonight the opportunity to become the popular brand’s new voice was a total no-brainer. “I’m very open with my sexuality,” Rose said. “I don’t hold anything back. I’m not judgmental. There’s really nothing that anyone can call in and say that I probably haven’t heard already.”

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