Kid Cudi Ordered To Stay Away From Baby Mama After Sending Threatening Messages


The mother of Kid Cudi’s daughter Vada has received an order of protection from the rapper. A judge granted the order to Jacqueline Munyasya after Cudi reportedly sent 168 threatening text messages over a four day period.

Munyasya gained sole custody of her and Cudi’s daughter a few years ago after Cudi gave up in his legal battle for joint custody. The case had been quiet until Munyasya suddenly went back to court to file an emergency motion for an order of protection.

Over the course of four days (Aug. 11-14), Cudi threatened to call child services on Munyasya and claimed he would be serving her with papers seeking sole custody of their daughter. Cudi told Munyasya he would “send the guy to stand by my house” and said she was “so gross and sick in the head.” Munyasya said all of their interaction was hostile. “U better take my threats seriously asshole,” Cudi allegedly said in one text.

Munyasya said the harassment got so severe that she had to reschedule her final exams for school. She did not know if Cudi was in Chicago – where she and Vada live – and feared for her safety. In one of the stranger texts, Cudi allegedly said their daughter “hanging around a bunch of white people is not what I want either.”

The order of protection will be effective until Aug. 18, 2017. Cudi must stay away from Munyasya until then. He also cannot communicate with her via text, email, phone calls or contact through a third party.

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