Justin Bieber Saved From A Bottle-Smashing Brawl In Munich Nightclub



Justin Bieber is entangled in yet another drama with a fan, this time in a Munich nightclub.

According to TMZ, the pop star was attacked by a bottle-wielding fan who he reportedly bumped shoulders with, and things would have gotten bloody but for a lady who intervened.

This comes months after the Canadian star was seriously beaten up by an unidentified black man outside his hotel in Cleveland. Back then, eye witnesses said the fight broke out after Bieber refused to take photos with the man.

This time, TMZ reports that the German fan had been trying to gain the singer’s attention all night, and so when Bieber bumped into him, an altercation broke out.

People in the club tell us the man was trying, but failing, to get JB’s attention all night — and once they came face-to-face he decided to lunge at Justin,” TMZ reports.

Justin Bieber’s business partner, John Shahidi, shoved the attacker to the ground, while an unidentified female whisked the singer out of the club.

Watch the clip here.

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