I Never Talked To Her – 50 cent Shuts Amber Up



During a broadcasting of her eponymous talk show, Amber Rose claimed that 50 Cent offered her a role in the hit Starz TV series, Power. According to her, 50 said she could have a role in the show, but quickly rescinded the offer after she took longer than 60 seconds to say whether or not she’d accept the part.

Now, 50 is hitting back. During a recent appearance on Big Boy TV, the “I Get Money” rapper claimed that he never spoke to Rose about appearing on the Starz TV series.

” Amber’s show is interesting, She says some wild stuff, I never talked to her.” 50 told Big Boy and his co-hosts

50 went on to describe a time he apologized to Wiz and Rose for lyrics directed at them couple in his song “Old 2003 Ferrari.”

We’ll never know who to believe in this dispute, but we’re pretty sure we’ll hear more about it at some point in the future. In related news, Page Six reports that Starz execs blocked 50’s attempt to get his friend Chris Brown a role on Power.

“50 promised Chris a big role on ‘Power,’ playing a drug dealer. But 50 didn’t consult the network first, and execs were not happy when they found out about it,” The Page Six source says. “The network insisted that Chris’ casting was not going to happen, because of fears about his anger issues. There was a big blowup, and they had to tell Chris he was not going to get the role. The news was delivered to him early Monday. He was livid.”

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