Gandoki Set To Break Guiness World Record For The Longest Stand–Up Comedy Performance By An Individual



Comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria , Gandoki, is set to  surprise his fans and the world by breaking THE WORLD RECORD FOR THE LONGEST STAND –UP COMEDY PERFORMANCE BY AN INDIVIDUAL, Gandoki will be hosting fans, brand executives and industry colleagues  to  a 48  hour  non-stop  comedy  performance. The event would take place in front of a live audience (we shall be making available exclusive-free tickets for the event).  The entire performance would also be recorded and streamed live online ( Arrangements are also being made for full media coverage of the event on both terrestrial and cable TV. This  event  is  billed  to  start  on  Thursday 29th  of  September, 2016  and  climax  on Saturday  1st of  October,2016.

The Guinness World Record has been contacted to award the certificate upon setting a new world record. The World Record  attempt  for  “Longest  Stand-Up  Comedy Performance by an Individual”  is  our  own  way  of  exposing  the immense  talent  and  resilience  of the Nigerian people to the world at large. The current record stands at 40 hours and 8 minutes and was set in the US. We aim to beat this record with a 48 hours continuous performance.


The Event would be holding at The Exclusive Mansions Hotel, Opposite Landmark Event Centre, Water Corporation off Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Gandoki  (Tony Mofe Ereku) is  one  of  the  pioneers  of  the  comedy  industry, compeer and a professional entertainer in Nigeria, born in Warri delta state started alongside Alibaba, AyComedy, Basketmouth, Gordons to mention a few. He prides  himself  with  the  record  of  comedian  with  the  longest performance on stage in Nigeria (unofficial). He  has been  part  of  so  many  successful  comedy  shows  and  outfits  in Nigeria, Europe and North-America.His name remains a household name everyone can connect with. Gandoki is a recipient of many awards. He is currently signed to RG5 Management a subsidiary of Reitigh G. Nig. Ltd (Reitigh Group) home to other talents such as Dj Consequence, Sandra Ogbebor (Miss Globe 2014/2015 beauty  pageant)  &  Damz.



We  would  be  attempting  to  set  a  New  World  Record  to  bring  international acknowledgement  to  Nigeria’s entertainment  industry.  The  record  we  are breaking  is  for  “The  Longest  Stand-Up  Comedy  Performance  by  an Individual”. The  current  record  for  this  was  set  on  April  29-30,  2013  by  David  Scott  in  the United States and stands at 40 hours 8 minutes. We would break this record with a 48 hour non-stop performance.


∞Gandoki rate my IG (send in a picture to the show and let Gandoki rate it) – This segment would entertain pictures and images uploaded via instagram where the Comedian gives a rating of 1 – 10 after extensively analyzing the image in a humorous manner.   (TARGET INSTAGRAM/SNAPCHAT)

∞Tell Gandoki Who Vex You (vent to Gandoki and let him take on your antagonist, be it your boss, ex, bank, government etc.) – This segment allows audience express their anger asking Gandoki to send a message to their antagonist i.e. Message to my Ex, message to my Boss, message to my Landlord, message to my Bank etc.   (TARGET MEDIUM = TWITTER) 

∞Doctor Gandoki – xtreme (tell Doctor Gandoki your problems and he’ll proffer a solution) – This is a segment of the performance where audience viewing from home can send in personal messages (problems) and receive hilarious responses from the comedian. i.e.My boyfriend   beats me but I still love him, he just proposed should I accept? (TARGET MEDIUM = TWITTER/FACEBOOK)

∞Roasting (section where Gandoki takes on celebrities in attendance) Our back end team captures highlights of these moments and creates memes and funny clips which can be shared on social media and used as DP’s.   (TARGET ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS)


1 THUR 29TH 7PM 11:15PM 15mins 5mins FIRST LADY LAGOS STATE
2 THUR 29TH 11:15PM 3:15AM 15mins 10mins
3 FRI 30TH 3:30AM 7:30AM 15mins 15mins
4 FRI 30TH 7:45AM 11:45AM 15mins 20mins
5 FRI 30TH 12NOON 4PM 15mins 25mins
6 FRI 30TH 4:15PM 8:15PM 15mins 30mins
7 FRI 30TH 8:30PM 12:30AM 40mins 10mins
8 SAT 1ST  OCT 1:10AM 5:10AM 15mins 15mins
9 SAT 1ST 5:25AM 9:25AM 15mins 20mins
10 SAT 1ST 9:25AM 1:35PM 35mins 10mins GOVERNOR LAGOS STATE
11 SAT 1ST 2:10PM 7PM 15mins

This  event  is  arguably  the  biggest  and  most  anticipated  event  in  the  month  of September,  the  tension,  doubts, beliefs  around  it  provides  for  excellent engagement of the audience as the world looks on to see if we can pull this off. We are really looking forward to you joining us to make History, as we show the world that Nigerians are indeed immensely gifted.


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