Fetty Wap Sued For Stealing ‘Trap Queen’ Beat, Accuser Demands He Destroy The Song



Fetty Wap has joined the list of rappers sued for stealing beats for their smash hit songs.

According to TMZ, a Danish musician named Lazar Lakic has dragged the American rapper and his producer to court on grounds that he “purchased the exclusive rights” to the song’s instrumental, but hasn’t received any compensation for all the success the song made at the market.

‘Trap Queen’ is the song that brought Fetty to the spotlight and had gone 4x platinum in the United States.

Now, the Danish musician is suing for the profits, and that’s not all. He wants ALL copies of the song destroyed and the track sales ceased.


TMZ adds that Lakic said Fetty’s producer Tony Fadd tried to buy back the rights to the beat which was previously called ‘Hello’. But Lakic refused them that request.

The sad part is that Fetty’s lawyer told TMZ that they “legally bought the beat from [the producer Tony] Fadd” and they have the contract as proof.

The media house states that Tony Fadd may have to bear the consequences of the lawsuit if the Danish musician wins in court.

Seems like the producer is really at fault, not Fetty Wap.

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