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Fetty Wap Discusses Sophomore Album & More In New Interview


fetty wap
XXLmag caught up with Fetty Wap the “Trap Queen” crooner and he shed some light on what has been up to and more light on his sophomore album.

Does the release of the single mean your sophomore album is coming soon? Is there a title for the project already?

Yeah, definitely. The title of my sophomore album is going to be King Zoo. I’ll probably have it out by September. I really want to drop it around the same time I dropped my last album; that would be cool.

How will this sophomore album be different from your debut project?

My first album was really for the world to get to know how I was, you know what I’m saying? For this album, I really sat down and tried to make something that people want to listen to a lot. It’s going to be hard to turn this album off. They already play me a lot right now, so when I drop this album it’s going to be a lot more. I want to stay relevant and I want to stay Fetty Wap.

You’ve collaborated already with a whole bunch of artists, but who’s someone that you haven’t worked with in the studio that you want to?

I still haven’t recorded with Gucci Mane yet, so that’s who I want to work with, but I’m sure we’ll make something happen in the near future.

The video of you meeting Gucci Mane for the first time was really dope. How was it meeting him?

That shit was crazy for me. It was like walking into a room and you grew up wanting to meet Superman your whole life and you walk into a room and you meet Superman, that’s how it felt meeting Gucci Mane. He’s someone I always supported, so meeting him was crazy.