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FALSE ALERT – Iceland Doesn’t Pay $5k/Month to Immigrants That Marry Icelandic Girls



Iceland government is not paying immigrants $5,000 a month to marry Icelandic girls at all and is totally a hoax.

The hoax has gone viral over social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) by random people to drive traffic to their website. This false news has been spammed around on social networks since morning today.

Although this topic is very catchy for many as $5,000 a month is no small amount. If this was true, I’m sure many are ready to move to Iceland to find an Icelandic girl to marry. We are sorry to spoil your dreams, but all this is a hoax that is being spread over the internet. So don’t get fooled.

The false information that is being spread around is about a shortage of men in Iceland, that’s why Iceland government will pay $5,000 a month to immigrants who would marry an Icelandic girl. The Embassy of Denmark in Egypt on Facebook added a status on their official Facebook fan page that:

The Embassy of Denmark in Cairo handles visa requests for Iceland. All information about the conditions that need to be met in order to get a residence permit in Iceland can be found on our website
Further information about migration to Iceland can be found here
Please note that the information that has been spread on the internet about government grants for immigrants who marry Icelandic women is NOT true