Eva Alordiah Opens Up About Battling Depression In Guardian Life Magazine



A few years ago Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh revealed she had battled severe depression even attempting suicide.

It is a disease that affects many especially in the public eye and now rapper Eva Alordiah is also opening about her depression. The rapper who covers the latest issue of Guardian Life Weekly magazine in which she is described as the “Last Femcee Standing”.

Read what she said about her depression below;


Depression is going to happen to each of us at one point or the other in our lives. It is important that we are having these conversations about it; instead of shying away from it like we do every other topic that scares us. How I dealt, and continue to deal with, depression; Firstly, I understand that I have a choice. I am powerful enough to choose whether to be happy or sad, whether to create or not create, whether to be filled with gratitude or to complain.


She added,

The dichotomies of good and evil, light and dark, would always exist for as long as the world does and as a human being you are responsible for what’s going on with you at every point. I have found that depression can become the excuse to not create. Instead of sitting in the chair of how badly I might be feeling, I garner strength enough not to lean in the emotional rut too long that I forget my ultimate purpose. I pray. That’s what I do. It is a calling forth by faith of those things which are not as though they were. It is an expression of a positive attitude and depression fades away when that is present.

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