Eddie Murphy’s Ex Wife Nicole Loses $10m Divorce Money to a Con Man



Nicole Murphy, the mother of Eddie Murphy’s five children, lost the $10million divorce settlement she received from Eddie to a con man.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the reality TV star entrusted the money she received from her ex husband in the care of her childhood friend, Troy Stratos, but he betrayed that trust and diverted her money.

Stratos has pleaded guilty and admitted Nicole, who he had known for 34 years, gave him the money to invest in a business overseas which he had promised would earn her high interest but instead, he diverted the sum.

The Jasmine Brand adds that the trial had been set for September 12 but was changed after a federal jury found him guilty of defrauding a Philadelphia investor group out of $11.25 million.

Here’s how it happened:

“The Philadelphia group was under the impression that it was buying pre-IPO Facebook shares from Carlos Slim, with Stratos, under the name of “Ken Davis,” serving as the Mexican billionaire’s agent. But investors claim they never received the shares, and funds wired for their purchase wound up being misspent by Stratos.”

Stratos will be sentenced on November 17 for both fraud charges.

Nicole and Eddie divorced in 2006.

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