Dr Sid Talks Transitioning From Trybe Through Mo’hits To Mavin Records



The ‘Over the moon’ singer says each label has shaped him into the person and artist he is today.

He credits Eldee giving him a shot on one of his records and the rest was history from then on.

He describes himself as an artist that doesn’t like to be boxed, his support garnered from family to influence his music.

On how he feels being a pioneer of the new school music, Sid says “Just being a part of the industry is an honour and comes with responsibility, such that whatever I add to the industry is positive and helps it grow to the next level so that whoever comes to me can carry it on to the next level”.

He talks about why he refused to drop his 2005 “Prognosis” rap album, saying it was kind of a transition album and by the time he had finished recording for the album, it didn’t fit the sound at that time, adding that it was sounding old school and wasn’t true to the present era.

On his transitioning from Trybe Records to Mo’hits and Mavin Records, the singer says he has learnt a lot and each label has shaped him into the person and artist he is today.

Having good people around you and you are always willing to learn” is what he feels is  his secret to longevity and consistency in the game. He also adds being willing to reinvent one’s self helps.

He also talks growth of the Nigerian music industry, how marriage and fatherhood has affected his music career,

On having a collaboration album with Tiwa Savage, given their chemistry on screen and the songs they’ve put out together such as ‘Oyari’, ‘Over the moon’ and most recently ‘If I start to talk’, Sid says that could be a possibility in the future but assures of a collaboration tour with Tiwa Savage.

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