Blac Chyna’s Mum Warns Rob Kardashian About His Body Image Issues



Blac Chyna’s mum, Tokyo Toni has expressed her concerns over the struggle Rob Kardashian has with self-esteem and body image issues.

During a recent visit to Chyna’s hometown in Washington, D.C to see Chyna’s mum, Rob got upset after Chyna made a stop during a tour at her old schools and neighborhood to take pictures with fans. He later revealed in a confessional that he was concerned about his weight and appearance in the photos.

Later on, Blac Chyna opened up to her mum that she needs Rob to work on his behaviour and some other things before they can focus on getting married.

Chyna’s revelation brought her mum to tears as she warned Rob that his behaviour will ruin the couple’s relationship. “You gotta stop what you’re doing,” she told Rob. “[Chyna] don’t need a baby she needs [you to be] a father … You can’t do what you’re doing. You’re going to ruin it.”

Rob’s insecurity about his weight has been a major concern for his family and fiancee for a while now. In 2014, he famously skipped his sister’s wedding to Kanye West because he felt insecure about his appearance.

He also recently quarrelled with Chyna after refusing to attend a party with her because he feared he would be giving her “more reason to stop being attracted to him.” However, Chyna has assured him on several occasions that she loves him nonetheless. “It kinda like throws me off a lot because I don’t see it,” she explained in an interview. “Some of the stuff that he thinks and says is really sad.”

Rob Kardashian has been open with fans about his weight loss journey, crediting his fiancee for helping him slim down. But it looks like he still needs a lot of work on his self-esteem and increasing his gym time might just be a start.

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