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Blac Chyna To Take $350,000 Plastic Surgery After Child Delivery 


Blac Chyna has planned how she’d get back to her normally physique soon enough after giving birth to her second baby. The expectant mother has drawn out how to eradicate stretch marks, lipo and coolsculpting of any part of her body, just to keep in form.

The surgery which is expected to cost $350,000 to do all the fixing she wants to do to herself is currently causing heated arguments between her and Rob Kardashian. According to an insider who spoke to raderonline, “She’s got it all mapped out, from which doctors to use, the parts she wants work on and how many procedures she’ll undergo.”

“She’s planning loads of laser therapy for her stretch marks, lipo and coolsculpting anywhere it’s needed.”

Blac also wants to get “a tummy tuck and vaginal rejuvenation,” the insider adds, “If she ends up having a C-section, there’ll be even more operations on the schedule.” 

“She’s told Rob she needs at least $350,000 to do everything she wants, they’ve been told they should make some serious cash from their new reality show,” says the insider.

There’ve been recent reports that Rob Kardashian isn’t the father of Blac Chyna’s pregnancy and this runour is causing serious fight between them.