Ace Comedian Ali Baba Slams Fan Over Hate Comment On Instagram



Ace comedian Ali Baba has subtly lambasted angry fan on social media following his comment. The fan was prompted to drop hate comment for Ali Baba after he followed the veteran comic act on instagram and he refuses to follow back.

“Egbon you sef no dey follow people back???… Why una stingy like this? Shuuoo,” the fan wrote on Ali Baba’s comment section.

Replying the fan with polite insults, the motivational and inspirational speaker decided to educate him on some policies of the photo sharing platform, instagram; asked him few smearing questions before blocking him.

Ali Baba responded thus;

“Let me address your ignorance before I block you. You are one of those that are chronically uninformed and know nothing about people but can make categorical statement about such people.

“In the first place, that I choose follow or not does not say I am stingy or not. Beyond that, the maximum follow is 7500, tell me how I am stingy with my follow? It’s people like you I actually don’t like in my space.

“All them Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and co that you people follow, do they follow you back? So after reading this and you think like this say aye!!!”

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