5 Life-Changing Things To Do This September



Largely regarded as the first in the line of “ember” months, September ushers in the last quarter of the year. Despite the heavy downpours and waterlogged thoroughfares, we are super excited to welcome the month as it not only heralds a chain of festivals, shows and celebrations as well as offer a prime opportunity to pack up and plan a getaway, but it is also the perfect time to opt for a life-changing experience.

There is way too much pressure in January to make resolutions and stick to them or engage in life-changing activities; so, why not try in September? Gird your loins, here are 5 life-changing things you should definitely try to do all through this September.

Laugh for five minutes every morning

This may seem utterly ridiculous scheduling time for laughter every morning for 30 days; however, it certainly yields a life changing experience. Not only do you stand to gain immense physiological and psychological benefits, researchers believe that laughter just might be the best medicine, helping you not only shed off depression but burn calories, too.

Research shows that 10-15 minutes of laughter actually burns 50 calories. Basically, laughing for just a couple of minutes every day could be a serious game-changer for your everyday mood and total physique.


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