Yoruba Actress, Moji Olaiya: ‘These Days, Yoruba Movies Only Preach Prostitution And Crime’



In a recent chat with City People, veteran Yoruba actress, Mojisola Olaiya, shed light on morality in the Yoruba movie industry..

According to the beautiful actress, scripts have always been about crime and prostitution and nothing reasonable to talk about. In her words, “What I would have to say about that is that I do more of soaps now, and when we talk about the Yoruba movie industry right now, to really be truthful, the kind of production coming out this days are not the kind of productions that teach morals. Most of the time when productions come out or when you are giving a script, you have to play a role of prostitute or crime, and stuffs. So I just have to sit down and watch the kind of script I really want to take, and now there is no money in the industry anymore, unlike before when we used to make money.”

Moji also added, “I can’t imagine myself going on set for five days and coming back with peanuts. So I have to consider that as well. Besides I have a new business now, you know we are growing, and you know this industry is not a life time thing like I think., so I say to myself, while I am still young, let me channel my energy towards diverse things, that doesn’t mean I am quitting the industry. I still play my part in the industry if I am called. The reason why I am not too frequent right now is firstly the payment, secondly the kind of stories they produce now. It is rare to see a very good story now. It is just few people that produce good script now”

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