Why Everyone MUST Listen To Majek Fashek’s New Single With 2Face Idibia



Legendary singer, Majek Fashek returned to the music scene after a long hiatus, walking down with another celebrated act 2Face (now 2Baba) Idibia on a song, “No More Sorrow” that was perfectly rendered in the ‘90s is worth admiring.

Why ‘No More Sorrow?’, Why 2Baba, and not popular gospel artistes like Sammie Okposo and Mike Abdul? ‘No More Sorrow’ is a pure gospel single, I’m personally happy for 2Baba’s excellent performance on the song. As we all know 2Baba has never done wrong on a verse.

This is what Nigerians need now; it is an understatement to say there’s hardship in the nation, Nigerians need reassurance, we need a song of hope, and we need people to remind us that the current economic meltdown is a temporal situation.

Those investing are not getting any reward, workers are working without getting paid, man slaughter everywhere, religious crisis, Militants and pipeline destructions, there’s sorrow in the nation, because we have failed to prepare for this day.

Majek Fashek and 2Baba have done their parts in giving us hope, reassurance, inspiration and possible solutions, although, the song is widely exposed to the world, but, I will narrow it down to Nigeria, it is a perfect song for Nigeria.

You don’t have to be a prophet to be prophetic with what you know how to do.

We Need To Cry To God, in times of hardship, sorrow and destitution, it is normal for everyone to be frustrated, but, if we can turn to God, he’ll be there for us, always. We need spiritual healing; we need divine intervention and the celestial bodies to descend on Nigeria with mercy.

We need to put away negativity and embrace positivity, let’s see Nigeria differently, Nigeria might have failed us in one way or the other, but, we shouldn’t fail ourselves. We have to live in peace and love ourselves; we can’t not get out of our current hardship if we don’t share love.

What have we gained from deserting one another? Hatred! How can man survive in a land he hates?

Listen To “No More Sorrow” By Majek Fashek Featuring 2Baba HERE.

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