Wanted Man! Judge Orders Police to Arrest Tyga



Tyga is currently a wanted man.

According to TMZ, the rapper did not show up in court yesterday for the hearing of the lawsuit filed against him by his landlord, denying lawyers opportunity of grilling him about his finances.


The landlord had previously gotten a $400,000 judgement against the rapper for failing to pay up rent and leaving the Malibu home ‘in shambles’. However, Tyga, still owing the landlord, proceeded to buy Kylie Jenner a $200,000 car for her birthday, upsetting the landlord who now claims that it was a fraudulent transfer of assets that should have been used in paying up the court judgement against Tyga.

And so, the sitting judge proceeded to issue a $10k bench warrant for the rapper, which TMZ says means Tyga should be sent to jail.

TMZ adds that the rapper, who currently squats with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, still lives like a king even though his cars have been taken away by car companies for failing to pay up.

This news has caused reactions on social media. Tyga was forced to disable the comment sections of his Instagram posts because fans won’t stop trolling him.

See some of the reactions:



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