‘Unhealthy Declaration’ [email protected]_Agbebi Takes A Jab At Pastor Adeboye


'Unhealthy Declaration' -@Bunmi_Agbebi Takes A Jab At Pastor Adeboye

Social Media has been visited by fire and brimstone in recent hours over Pastor Adeboye’s marriage counseling.

He is a General Overseer and a Father to many Nigerians(Including the thieves) so he has a certain reason to counsel them but his counseling should come with a sense of humanity.

Who still dictates who a man or woman should marry? Not in this age and time! If you wish to vent your marriage counselling claws on anybody wait till they visit you in your office and cast your spiritual control over their lives.

I flowed with every single word he said about Ladies hooking up with men that have jobs,Ladies that can cook etc but where I had to dodge the bullet when he said Men should only marry women who are prayer warriors,that can pray for one hour straight(I laugh in Greek). When did that one become a criteria in marriage? Does Pastor Adeboye not understand that the ability to pray fervently is a gift from God! Ohhhhhhhh! You are part of those that believe that a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian?

I read in my Bible that God is a lover of songs and praises and that dancing gets to his request table faster and that the devil hates when you sing and praise God. So why should a General Overseer ride on dogmatic Nigerians and say if they lack the talent to pray fervently they do not qualify to be married. Does he hope to enroll them in his academy of prayer warrior?

I can’t believe many Nigerians are happy and in support of the declaration and see it as a welcome address. How pathetic! I think Pastor Adeboye has forgotten or probably lost the essence of Christianity which is showing love to all irrespective of their defaults. Christians are to love nurture and help people grow in all aspects,especially spiritually not turning people down because they are not up to a spiritual level. What happened to TOLERANCE?????

And the Job aspect, how many GOOD PAYING JOBS has pastor Adeboye provided.(Check my emphasis) or preferably how many has his member provided as the Vice-President of Nigeria?

Nobody has the RIGHT to determine and decide who you spend the rest of your life with. Not your parents and of course not your Pastor! The best they can do is support and pray for you! Not even in 2016! People that eventually get married to people due to this pressures end up cheating and giving very dirty and flimsy excuses.

A guy marries a Prayerist because his pastor says so and 1 year into the marriage he claims she prays too loud,too much and is too spiritual. He goes out,cheats and finds solace in another hip woman and they say it is the devil! Oh please! Its your dogmatism,inability to think and decide what’s best for you.

Really! Get Baba Adeboye a Bible,Pen and jotter so he can pray and write down ways Nigeria can have life again!

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