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Top Sexy Ways To Tease Your Boyfriend


Top Sexy Ways To Tease Your Boyfriend

One of the best ways to get your man geared up and ready for a great night is to tease him. Find out how to tease your boyfriend and make him want you.

One of the best feelings as a lover is being able to turn your partner on to the point where they just CAN’T wait any longer. It makes you feel like you’re in total control of their pleasure, and it’s just one of the most satisfying feelings there is in the world. And once you learn the secrets behind how to tease your boyfriend, you’ll see how effortless the whole thing can be.

I think everyone’s goal is to please their partner. We want to do everything in our power to give them as much pleasure as we can. We care about how they feel, and we want to make sure they’re enjoying themselves immensely and teasing is such a great way to do this.

The importance of teasing and foreplay

When it comes to getting it on, foreplay is a vital part of ensuring that everyone walks away fully pleased. Without it, you run the risk of neither of you being able to finish, and that’s just not a good time for anybody.

Teasing is the best form of foreplay, simply because it creates the most anticipation. The feeling of anticipation can do wonders to turn someone on and make them want you – which is exactly what you want to do during foreplay.

How to tease your boyfriend and drive him crazy

Being able to tease your boyfriend to the point of him not being able to control himself should be every girl’s goal. You should be trying to tease him so much that he just can’t help himself around you.

If you want to learn how to do just that, we can help.

*Warning*: After you’re done with him, you better be ready for a crazy night!

15 ways you can tease your boyfriend and drive him wild

#1 Text him about how bad you want him later. Teasing and foreplay doesn’t have to start and end in the bedroom. In fact, it’s better to start earlier in the day and build up the anticipation.

You can easily do this by sending him a quick text about how much you’re already wanting him and that you can’t wait to see him later. Bonus points if you go into detail about what you want to do later.

Source Bella Pope (LovePanky)