Toke Makinwa’s Ex Maje Ayida Talks Men in Abusive Relationships



Maje Ayida is hinting at being in an abusive relationship, so some Nigerians think.

Yesterday, Genevieve magazine put up a post on domestic violence, encouraging women to move on from abusive relationships. The post generated some buzz and not long after, Maje Ayida, Toke Makinwa’s estranged husband, challenged the magazine to also speak about men who are in abusive relationships.

[I] would love to know your view of men in abusive relationships as well,” he wrote, and the magazine replied him.

It’s a reality too. Men are too ashamed to share their stories.”

While that comment would have been ignored were it coming from a random Nigerian, it raised a few eyebrows especially because Ayida had cheated on his wife and put his mistress in the family way.

Is he now trying to play a victim? Folks wonder.

The drama between Makinwa and Ayida peaked weeks ago when she finally filed for the dissolution of their marriage. Later, Ayida’s mistress Anitah Solomon shared the first photo of her child with the fitness buff.

Now, Ayida wants the stories of men in abusive relationships to also be told, and this has sparked reactions from Nigerians, especially because little is known about what led to the failure of their marriage, even before the news of Anitah’s pregnancy broke.

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