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SPANKING NEW! Nash Is On ‘Cloud9’ With Twist Berry –LISTEN NOW


Nash Ft Twist Berry - Cloud9

Nash comes hard on this new joint titled ‘Cloud9’ featuring female singer, Twist Berry.

‘Cloud9’ sees Nash serenading with his sensational lyrics and pouring out his energies to make the love song have a different feel from the songs he’s been releasing over the years.

Twist Berry dazzled her reggae touches on ‘Cloud9’ to make the jam produced by versatile Timi Blaze more tuneful and pleasing for listening.

‘Cloud9’ is Nash’s follow up to his birthday single, ‘I Love My Life (Real G’s)’ that was premiered on August 1, 2016.

Make sure you join Nash and Twist Berry on ‘Cloud9’. FLEX!

Nash Ft. Twist Berry – Cloud9



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