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SnapChat Releases New Filters For Singer Frank Ocean


frank-ocean- It’s Aug. 6, and the world still doesn’t have a new Frank Ocean album. That’s why Snapchat has you covered: the social media platform just released custom filters to help fans wait patiently for Boys Don’t Cry.

Ocean’s highly anticipated (that’s an understatement) sophomore album is still nowhere to be found, so Snapchat dropped two filters for fans to express themselves in their time of sorrow.


The first filter features the caption “Waiting for Frank Ocean’s new music like…” with a picture of a skeleton, while the second filter features a computer text application window with the words “DEAR FRANK OCEAN…”

Luckily, there are other ways you can pass the time waiting for Boys Don’t Cry. A good samaritan compiled all of Frank’s music onto one Wakalet account, along with interviews, music videos and more. The website even contains his unreleased tracks and records he wrote for other artists.


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