Signs Your Relationship is Out of Balance


Signs Your Relationship is Out of Balance

The secret to true happiness in life lies in finding a balance between everything- balance between our personal and professional lives, balance between our free time and our busy time, balance between the kind of people we’re around, and especially a balance in the relationships we have! Of course, this balance can’t always be constant.

All relationships have their ups and downs and every once in a while, even the best of relationships can lack this quality. But if your relationship continues to lie at extremes for insanely long periods of time, then it’s highly unlikely that this relationship will be able to succeed in the long run.

Here are 5 signs that can help you determine if your relationship has been out of balance:

You find yourself solving their problems ALL the time

It is one of the advantages that comes with a relationship that you have the option to occasionally rely on another person, to lean on them completely and ask them to solve your problems. However, this advantage is supposed to be used as an exception and not the rule. We’re all adults. We’re all responsible for our own selves.

And we’re all well-equipped by now to handle most, if not all, of the problems that come our way. If you feel like you’re always expected to spend a huge portion of your life just solving your significant other’s numerous problems, then maybe your partner doesn’t actually need your help.

Maybe they’ve just gotten lazy and complacent. In order to have a balanced relationship, both partners should act as equals and avoid slipping into roles. It is absolutely vital to avoid playing the roles of the rescued and the rescuer or the problem solver and the problem maker.

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