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Sean Kingston Sued, Accused of Paying for Jewelry with Bounced Checks



Sean Kingston has more jewelry problems than what we can keep track of.

One minute he’s getting sued , another minute he’s getting jacked —  now he’s being accused of not paying for jewelry in the first place.

via TMZ:

NYC jeweler Aqua Master just sued Kingston over 9 pieces of jewelry he scooped up last month — valued at more than $300,000. The jeweler says Sean promised his biz manager would wire money to pay his tab.

According to the suit, Aqua got 2 checks instead of a wire transfer … and they bounced. Meanwhile, Sean was enjoying 2 diamond necklaces, a few gold chains, a ring, a bracelet and 2 watches. A rep for Aqua tells us Sean even flaunted the goods on IG. 

The company is suing Kingston and his company, coincidentally named … Time Is Money Entertainment.

This is old hat for Kingston, who was sued by a Florida jeweler in March, and also ordered to pay another NYC jeweler for an unpaid bill.

Sean’s rep hasn’t gotten back to us — but on Raq Rants he explained why so many jewelers have beef with him.