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S911 PREMIERE: Zambian Singer, OC Features Iyanya On ‘Tie Your Wrappa’ -LISTEN!


OC Ft. Iyanya - Tie Your Wrappa

Niveau Suivant Empire presents Zambian award winning singer, performer and producer, OC’s new single Tie Your Wrappa. It features award winning Nigerian artist Iyanya to be launched on August 25, 2016 worldwide.

Produced by the maestro Mr. T. Sean, the new single Tie Your Wrappa can be enjoyed at variety of events. It will surely get you on your feet. “Wrappa” as worn by African women display our rich culture and is worn to many occasions.

OC in this song is sending the message to all the beautiful women in Africa to put on their “wrappa” to enjoy with him whether its at a wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary or just a private party.

OC Ft. Iyanya – Tie Your Wrappa