S911 PREMIERE: TY Bello Debuts Song Of Hope, ‘Land Of Promise’ -MUST LISTEN!


S911 PREMIERE: TY Bello Debuts Song Of Hope, 'Land Of Promise' -MUST LISTEN!

After a long hiatus, TY Bello decided to return to the music scene with brand new conscious music tagged ‘Land of Promise.’

Speaking on the song, the ace photographer who doubles as a singer, TY Bello said;

“I don’t think I can say I wrote, ‘Land of Promise’… It came to me effortlessly. I remember blurting out, “This land of promise is now home to me,” in the middle of one of my Thursday worship sessions with my friend David Nkennor.

Songs do not always come that easy for me. “This land of promise… Where I stand to be blessed….” This song was clearly already whole when it came. I didn’t have to try.

And the words clearly contrasted what was going on around me. The situation in the country and beyond seemed to be getting worse and it was affecting everyone. I was deeply concerned about this just moments before David arrived. But then I blurted those words out and followed with – “It is well”- over and over again… and something began to change in me. I knew everything was going to be fine.

However, I became hesitant about recording the song. It seemed too simple and for another interesting reasons ;I did not want to be accused of peddling false hope. Our world needs real, tangible solutions and not some ‘pie in the sky’ mantra. We need to roll up our sleeves and fix our problems.

I agree… it is time to get serious….hope is where it all begins. Hope sparks the light. It’s where innovation has always come from. That ‘knowing’ that there is a better way. You have to ‘see’ the reality of it to be committed to it. Putting ‘life’ on our lips puts us in a better position to be part of the solution. And raw hope always inspires gratitude …suddenly you begin to see how blessed you really are in the midst of trouble.

I pray that this simple song brings light in seasons of uncertainty. The road ahead may seem unclear but never be afraid to say… It is well.”

Listen to the song and ENJOY!

TY Bello – Land Of Promise


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