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S911 PREMIERE: Lara George Features On ‘Testifie’ By Shoggy Tosh


S911 PREMIERE: Lara George Features On 'Testifie' By Shoggy Tosh

#Testifie by Shoggy Tosh featuring multi award winning singer songwriter Lara George produced by Okey Sokay is the 3rd single from Shoggy Tosh’s EP ’emujow’ released on all good online retail stores (5 August 2016) and for free downloads on Shoggy Tosh’s personal soundcloud on 29 August 2016.

The song written and composed by Shoggy Tosh and Lara George was birthed out of the unquenchable desire Shoggy had – not only to share his testimonies with the world, but also encourage everyone to do the same. Shoggy Tosh’s rap reflects the hard times he encountered in Nigeria, the moment he came back alive after pronounced dead on campus and Lara George’s velvet silky hook compliments the banging afrobeat tune all ‘cooked’ together by the maestro beat maker – Okey Sokay.

Music lovers can download the song for free via All profits from this initiative is donated to TOGO charity dedicated to raising funds for less privileged people all around the world. To contribute kindly via

AUDIO: Shoggy Tosh Ft. Lara George – Testifie


LYRIC VIDEO: Shoggy Tosh Ft. Lara George – Testifie