Rick Ross Explains Why He Lost So Much Weight


ATLANTA, GA - MAY 26:  Rick Ross on Set of  " Neighborhood Drug dealer " Video Shoot at Local Studio Sound Stage on May 26, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

MMG C.E.O, is leading a much healthier life. After once weighing 350 pounds, the Miami rapper revealed he’s lost 75 pounds in a new interview with Men’s Health.

“I’m happy,” Ross told the magazine. “I’m still losing weight, and now I’m starting to build hard muscle in places.”
Rick Ross made a change in lifestyle after suffering two seizures in 2011. Last year, the Maybach Music Group boss spoke to XXL about how the seizures changed his whole mindset.

“It just lets you know that death is that much closer,” Ross said. “It’s like being in a dark room, you can’t see nothin’ and you got your hands out. You know that muthafucka out there, though. So when you wake up from being unconscious, it’s real. Like, Yo, I gotta get on my shit. When the doctor heard my sleeping patterns he was like, You could die from that. So I just needed to start doing different things.”

The “Hustlin” rapper has not completely eliminated fast food from his diet though. He still indulges in meals from Wingstop and Checkers in moderation. He only eats from these establishments during the afternoon with a max of three visits per week.

“If I quit all the things I loved cold turkey, I knew it would only be so long before I went back to my old ways,” Ross told Men’s Health. “My advice for anyone looking to lose weight is to not make it feel like a job.

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