Rapper Joe Budden Capitalizes On Internet Memes And Releases Merchandise


joe budden

Rapper Joe Budden is rolling with the punches. The Slaughterhouse member is taking a page from Cashmoney Birdman’s playbook and selling merchandise of his image that inspired thousands of memes.

Fans can now purchase t-shirts and hats featuring a picture of Budden chasing down some Drake fans at the rapper’s official online store.


The New Jersey native is hoping that embracing the meme will pay off like it did for Birdman. The Cash Money Records CEO claimed to have earned a couple hundred thousand of dollars off the “Respek” merchandise he sold following his infamous rant on The Breakfast Club.

Budden might be having some fun with the situation now, but the veteran MC has continually expressed how frustrated he is with Drake. Budden is shocked his beef with Drizzy has remained one-sided on wax.
“Everything about Drake’s behavior is lame,” he said on Charlamagne Tha God’s show Uncommon Sense. “I’m aware I looks nuts. I’m just from a generation that doesn’t behave like that. I just expect if I’m rapping at someone for them to not DM me a bunch of soft stuff.”

The soft stuff that Budden referred to is Instagram direct messages the rapper received from Drake. One of them included a $10,000 bet.

“He started off with, ‘I would like to formally invite you to one of my four Madison Square Garden shows. You and however many people you’d like to bring,” Budden recently revealed on ESPN Radio. “And after that it said, ‘I bet you can’t release 25 diss records between now and then. So then it was the laughing emoji. And then he followed that with, ‘If you can, I will give you $10,000.’ And then LOL and a bunch of exclamation points. I didn’t know how to take that.

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