Nene Leakes to Lose Multi-million Dollar Properties to IRS Due to Unpaid Taxes



American television personality, actor, host, author, and fashion designer, Nene Leakes is about to lose her assets to the US Inland Revenue Service due to unpaid taxes.

Daily Mail reports, the top TV star has received a letter from the federal government threatening to seize her assets if she doesn’t pay back the $830,000 she owes in taxes. Leakes top assets includes the $2 million brand new six-bedroom, six-bathroom, 9,511square-foot Georgia mansion she bought last year.

According to Daily Mail:

The IRS accuses the 48-year-old reality star of refusing to pay a total of $824,366.01 in back taxes for the year 2014, according to court documents. And if she doesn’t pay, the IRS says it will begin the process of seizing her assets and property to collect on her debt.”

The news has sent social media into overdrive as fans question if the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is facing financial difficulties.

See some of the reactions on Instagram:

damochastuf: Interesting….. very intetesting!

msladyjw: Your accountant does your taxes but you still have to give your consent to pay. Unless your accountant is shady and didn’t pay them at all. Nene is responsible for paying, so pay up.

paigesturn_: But she’s rich…very rich ??? or so she says that

cassieandre: This doesn’t mean she’s broke it means she needs a better accountant.

xokingslim: How do rich people get accused of things like this like why not just pay the damn taxes yearly so they won’t get backed up you got the damn money u suppose to be rich ?I don’t play with the IRS on a regular my refund could sound like I’m getting too much than im suppose too and im like nah blood calculate that shit again

igsucks001: If she was rich she wouldn’t be paying mortgage on that house she living in. Moose is fake. I don’t think she broke but she damn sure ain’t rich like she’s pretending to be…. She need that Bravo check she’s going to start filming soon if she haven’t already

_septemberfalls_: I thought she was rich

Nene Leakes is yet to react to this claim.

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