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Meek Mill’s Crew Confronts Drake Outside His Philly’s Concert



Drake threw some not-so-subliminal shots at his perennial rival Meek Mill on Sunday night in Philadelphia during his “Summer Sixteen” concert stop in the city, and after the show, Meek’s crew reportedly showed up to confront him about it.

In a series of posts on Instagram, a man who identified himself as being a Dreamchasers affiliate talked tough about going to the concert to see what Drake was all about.

“I’ma let y’all niggas know right now, we 100, 200 deep, Dreamchasers, we gonna press this nigga Drake. He’s been disrespectful.” he said in one IG video.

Although the crowd didn’t look to be anywhere close to 100 people, a group of guys were seen outside the concert gates at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly following the show. It’s not confirmed that they were officially affiliated with Meek, but in an IG video, they complained about the fact that Drake enlisted the protection of the police at the conclusion on the concert.

“He got the police guarding him and he won’t come out,” the narrator of the video said. “They closed the gates up and all that.” The narrator also noted that Drake “sent J. Prince out here, talking to niggas, man. These niggas pussy.”
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For his part, Meek Mill posted—and then later deleted—an Instagram caption that seemed to allude to the incident.

” When u run out the backdoor wit 12 and use the ‘old man’ to save you,” he wrote, seemingly referencing J. Prince. “I’m done. You had Philadelphia swat with you. Ima go ahead and hang it up with these suckas! Had y’all tucked back in there for hrs lol. #stillrunning. I only came to talk lol.”

Drake didn’t respond directly to any of this.