Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Finally Split, Read Reason Here



Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have officially called it quits! After a two year on and off relationship, the couple are no more — and the reason for their split may surprise you. Read on to find out what the final straw was — and who broke it off.

“Nicki [Minaj] and Meek [Mill] are not on the same page,” an insider told media house

“ Meek still wants to go to the hood, hang out with his boys and ride bikes. Nicki’s into refined things, like museums and fashion shows. They both have similar pasts, so they hit it off. But Nicki is no longer in a ‘hood mentality’ and Meek is. One day he’ll grow up and maybe they’ll get back together.” And, sadly for Meek, 29, apparently the decision to split was not a mutual one. “Nicki wanted to leave, Meek wants her back,” the source said.

But will the 33-year-old “Anaconda” singer consider taking him back? Maybe not after the stunt he pulled last month.

Meek was spotted at ACES Strip Club in Queens, New York, without his now ex on July 27. That night he dropped a crazy $20,000 at the club and was caught on camera having a great time with his buds. And because Nicki wasn’t there that night, but had previously been included in his strip club outings, we wondered what was going down between the pair. Now we think that was definitely a sign the couple was headed to drain.

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