Mayowa Ahmed’s Death: Let Sleeping Dogs Rise



Mayowa Ahmed is dead! and as typical humans the blame stones are already flying in the air!.

Many people have accused Linda Ikeji and Toyin Aimakhu for the death of Mayowa and I’m wondering ‘where art thou reasoning????’ Even a blind man will sense that Mayowa was approaching her grave and won’t have any energy to undergo an operation. It was obvious, It was clear.

I decided to sit, read and watch daily all that happened from the first day Mayowa asked for funds till the whole scam drama, ticking every scene as positive because it all happened as I presumed it will. From the first day I saw Toyin Aimakhu in the picture I had a strong feeling that this will be too much for the sick girl.

I love Toyin Aimakhu’s characters and I relate with them perfectly and YES she is one of my favorite when it comes to acting (I do not know her personally, so I can’t say about her personality) Toyin jumping on the cause made me feel it was some form of publicity on her path (My honest thought) so I wasn’t too comfortable with it.

When the whole bubble burst and it was all alleged to be a scam, I couldn’t blame anybody not even Toyin because she was lending her voice to a sick fan, publicity or not she made people Donate!. Linda on her path worked with the best reports she could get and some of her reports were right! So I couldn’t blame anybody!

Now Mayowa is dead and people are pointing fingers at Toyin and Linda, abeg could you guys not see that Mayowa won’t live. She had GRACE to live this long and she had to go. Not because of the whole scam stress, she was weak and tired before then, she wanted help from the world she should have expected anything that came from it.

I learnt Linda has apologised,VERY GOOD! Not many bloggers will do that and for Toyin abeg let her breathe!!! She did good but turned out bad and that’s fine! But next time I believe she will learn to be less impulsive and very careful with what she advocates for.

An advice for Every soul, study your body and report any familiar or strange illness to a medical practitioner early enough to avoid delay in treatment and recovery.

R.I.P Mayowa Ahmed

-By Bunmi Agbebi :

Twitter @bunmi_agbebi
IG and snap @bunmiagbebi

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