Mariah Carey slams Her American Idol Experience



Mariah Carey doesn’t have fond memories of her time on “American Idol.”

While promoting her upcoming docu-series – Mariah’s World, set to premier on E! on December 4th, the ‘We Belong Together’ crooner made her feelings about the singing reality TV show known at the NBCUniversal TCA panel on Wednesday.

The mother of 2 replied “Ugh! It was the most the most abusive experience!,” in response to a question about her stint on the show, Daily Mail reports.

The experience obviously scarred Mariah and still has her bothered as she took a sip from her champagne glass immediately after the question noting; “By the way, you’ve just driven me to drink.”

Speaking on doing reality TV, the singer answered;

“I don’t consider it reality… I haven’t been on tour in Europe in about 10 years.”

“So I thought, let’s just show the behind the scenes, what it really takes to do a tour… and mainly, watch how the music evolves, watch the process, and watch how the different personalities clash ,” she stated.

Recall that Mariah Carey famously clashed with Nicki Minaj on American idols where they both appeared as judges alongside Randy Jackson and Keith Urban, in 2013.

The feud was so bad that TMZ reported that the rapper allegedly threatened to shoot Mariah if she had a gun.

Mariah and Nicki both quit after just one season and a few months later Mariah admitted she ‘hated’ the whole experience during a radio interview.

‘I thought it was going to be a three-person panel… but it wasn’t that,’ she explained. ‘It was like going to work every day in Hell with Satan.’

Weighing in on the infamous feud, The ex-executive producer of American Idol, Nigel Lythgoe, poked fun at the singer’s time as a judge on the show while chatting with Billboard on Wednesday.

I’m looking forward to Mariah’s new series and wondering if Nicki Minaj may guest,” he joked!

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