Mariah Carey Reportedly Got Violent When Her Fiance Played a Beyonce Song



Mariah Carey and Beyonce are two of the biggest stars in the music industry – but it seems there’s only room for one of them in Mariah’s home.

The mother of two who belts out hit songs reportedly went into a fit of rage after her billionaire fiance played Beyonce’s Crazy in love for her.

She clearly was not impressed with his choice

The incident which just came to light happened last month when James Packer was vying to seduce his soon-to-be-wife.

According to Mirror, a source claimed she hurled the laptop playing the music out of the window.

Oh boy, was that a disaster! Mariah threw the computer that was playing it via speakers out the window!” a source told the site, adding that the Touch My Body singer ran out of the room screaming.

Mariah is no stranger to being labelled a diva in Hollywood.

The 46-year-old who obviously does not entertain songs by other artistes in her home had an unforgettable 2011 incident.

She reportedly demanded a live version of her song Fantasy to be played as she gave birth to her twins.

She is also believed to have bought every other seat on the plane after she was told she could only fly economy. This happened when Mariah Carey was asked to be part of the independent film Tennessee.

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