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Kylie Jenner Banned From Tyga’s Show For Being Too Young 




Tyga had a major performance at a club in Las Vegas over the weekend but his no.1 girl, Kylie Jenner was not there to cheer him.

According to reports, Kylie was banned from attending Tyga’s show at the Drai club in Las Vegas because she did not meet the club’s strict 21-and-over age limit. The 19-year-old reality star was forced to stay in the couple’s hotel room while the rapper rocked the stage and performed his songs Hitmaker and Make It Nasty for the crowd.

Sadly, this won’t be the first time Kylie Jenner will be forced to miss out on Tyga’s show because of her age.

In 2014, Tyga had to cancel his appearance at a popular club in West Hollywood because the organisers refused to let Kylie, who was 17 then, into the club.

Also, Tyga was asked not to bring Kylie for a show at a university because the school was uncomfortable with their illegal relationship, plus the show was for 18-and-over. However, Tyga blew them off and showed up  with Kylie who ended up sitting backstage to watch the show.

Kylie and Tyga’s relationship has constantly been criticized by the public because of their significant eight-year gap. However, the couple continue to wax stronger despite it all.

Kylie will be 21 in two years time, we guess she can’t wait to stop being called ‘underaged.’